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Tag: dancing

This week so far…

This week so far has been confusing and energetic… Confusing because it was bank holiday on Monday and this has left me with no idea what day it is! Energetic […]

The perils of morris dancing

The perils of morris dancing and not doing your physio exercises when told to… Or possibly the perils of dancing on uneven pavements… Ok, yes…I’ll get to the point… On […]

Janathon day 23: indecisiveness…

I spent the whole morning today trying to decide hat tondo with the exercise for the day… dancing and yoga were set but I was trying to work out what […]

Janathon day 9: back day!!

It was back day at the gym!! Woohoo!! Why woohoo? I hear you ask…well back day involves deadlifts and I love deadlifts 😁😁 It was also dancing day…it was Wednesday […]