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Tag: deadlift

I still dance in the gym!

Remember last week when I told you all about my record breaking sled pull (my records, it still counts!)? Well, as is my habit, I posted the event to every […]

PWG Day 3 – 6: return of the deadlift!

Day 3 was Thursday, and on Thursday I deadlifted 😀 Ok…I deadlifted off a slightly raised platform, and only 70kg but still 😀 it made me extremely happy! Even happier […]

Reboot day 66: One New Paddington

110kg Rack pull!! 110kg Rack pull!! That is 110kg…in case you didn’t get it the first time. 110kg is 243lbs in case you are unfamiliar with the metric system… This […]

Reboot day 12: the day before…

the day before what i hear you cry… Well the day before (and the first evening) i spend dancing and dancing at the Tewkesbury medieval festival 🙂 And what else […]

Janathon day 12

Eeek I nearly forgot again Which is unforgivable really for a Tuesday!! After all Tuesday is the only day I regularly succeed in getting up super early (5:30am) to get […]

Another New Paddington Day!!

I totally wasn’t expecting to write another one of these so soon… but… woohoo another deadlift PB!!! That’s right, this morning’s personal training session I lifted 100kg…twice!! yes 100kg that […]