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Tag: deadlifts

Reboot day 37: Awesome tuesday!

Not even just awesome for a Tuesday either! Awesome in its own right! It started bright and early with a PT session. Unusually for this time in the morning I […]

First new Paddington for ages!!!

Woohoo I am back in the game people!  So excited! I deadlifted this morning for the first time since 15th August!!  It was awesome!! I am not at as heavy […]

Janathon Day 14

Today, contrary to all common sense, I went to the gym twice! The first time was an experiment, both to try out a promising new gym that has opened really […]

Janathon day 10 

So much for being sensible and resting my super tight quad… Shh! I know common sense not always my strong suit…  I did two workouts today… The first was my […]

It is New Paddington Day!!

For the uninitiated amongst you a Paddington bear in my wierd brain equates to a personal best. There is (un)complicated reasoning involving the similarity of the initial letters of each […]