365 take 2 Days 1-9

Good evening 🙂 Here we have a summary of the first week (and two days) of the rebooted version of my 365 project. It has been a good week which has had two pretty dominant themes, bears and DOMS!   Did I mention that I fed bears on my birthday? Well I did and it…… Continue reading 365 take 2 Days 1-9

Juneathon day 3 – the one where I find a use for running..

so you know I had (have) DOMS… I think mentioned it…  Maybe once or twice 😉 Well this lunchtime, quite against my better judgement I went out for a run! I have agreed to help out one of my friends who wants to start running so we are doing the couch to 5k as a…… Continue reading Juneathon day 3 – the one where I find a use for running..

Juneathon day 2 – the one with DOMS

That title should read the one with LOTS of DOMS and there could be swear words apart from my mum once told me not to swear over the airwaves in case anyone hears you…bandwidth is like airwaves so there will be none of that! None of that EVEN THOUGH it hurts to get up from a…… Continue reading Juneathon day 2 – the one with DOMS

Fun and Functional…

Ok…I confess to being rubbish at getting this post out when I promised I would… annoyingly I started writing it, but then completely forgot to save the draft…I would love to blame wordpress, but really it was my fault!! Last Sunday I went on a Functional Equipment training course, which feeds in to my personal…… Continue reading Fun and Functional…

Day 270: A body pump too far?

Well…not too far as such…but it was hard work! After the weekend’s escapades I was left with quite a lot of achiness…especially around the legs. I don’t know whether it was the DVD, the resistance training lessons or the run, or a combination of the lot, but I was definitely left with some form of residual…… Continue reading Day 270: A body pump too far?

Day 154: a day of DOMS

Good morning 🙂 Friday morning heralded the return of something I had more or less forgotten about…DOMS! for those of you that don’t know, that is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and soreness, as far as I can tell is something of an understatement! This is something that I remember happening, when I didn’t work out…… Continue reading Day 154: a day of DOMS