Reboot Day 35: Dancing in a mask

After all, dancing in a mask is what this project is all about… That and becoming a superhero or warrior goddess…or possibly a warrior goddess superhero who also dances in a mask… Anyway…On Sunday, I hotfooted it down to Eastbourne (hotfooted in a car but shhh) to take part in the Eastbourne Lammas Festival run…… Continue reading Reboot Day 35: Dancing in a mask

Year 2 Week 5: Workout Compendium

Well…it has been an interesting week… and by interesting I mean difficult… and annoying and painful…but it improved significantly towards the end, so it is definitely not all bad! 😀 The first thing you need to know was my arm was out of action for a considerable amount of the week. It was ok…as long…… Continue reading Year 2 Week 5: Workout Compendium

Day 106: Processing and more processing

And by processing…I mean marching/walking/dancing along in a long line of people…not the other kind with information! Saturday’s activity was the spectacular Eastbourne Bonfire Society Procession. Mythago were invited as one of the many groups who took part in this procession! There were drummers galore (who’d have thought there would be so many drummers in…… Continue reading Day 106: Processing and more processing

Day 75: running and dancing

Good morning 🙂 Yesterday I took it upon myself to attempt to run and do morris practice in the same day. It was hard on the legs but actually not too bad 🙂 first the running 🙂 it was week 5 day 2 of the c25k, the intervals jumped up to 8 minutes with only…… Continue reading Day 75: running and dancing