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Tag: every step counts

Stepping back up…

This year, I have had a general goal of increasing my step average every month…as I had got quite inactive in general at the end of last year, it seemed […]

PWG day 16: Kettlebell fun!

Yes! Kettlebells are fun!! Hard work, but fun 😀 I got to play with them in PT which is always good! We did a HIIT type kettlebell/slam ball/med ball combo […]

PWG Day 15: The system works

If anyone was doubting the effectiveness of either Insanity, or my exercise every day policy, I will present to you the Insanity fit test results 2 weeks in! The fit […]

Janathon day 21

Remember I said I was challenging myself to become an insanity instructor? Well that workshop is tomorrow… And in aid of not dying while I am doing it, I decided […]

Janathon day 11

The day I nearly completely forgot to tell you things!!  I decided to have a lighter day today, rest days are important as I have said before! Rest days, however […]

Janathon day 7 

The day that involved walking, I have to say not a huge amount of walking ( about 2km) but it was some walking and every step counts! I went for […]