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Tag: exercise class

In interesting new thing occurred

I don’t think I have written about new things for a while…and this one is excellent!! Yesterday was Sunday,that isn’t the new thing. For a long time I have had […]

Well, who’d have thought it…

On┬áMonday 8th July 2013 I cried in a circuit training class because I felt out of place and like I was kidding myself that I would every be fit, or […]

So this new thing…

Ok…firstly…why do I insist on doing new things that absolutely terrify me! The class yesterday combined my fear of talking to people with my fear of new groups and my […]

Day 72: The hazards of skating

Good evening ­čÖé Today has been a day of contrast! I have indulged in activities which firstly helped my achy muscles ┬áthen added bruises and scrapes to them. Ok…these were […]

Day 66: Pump up the Jam…

And no matter how many times I have done body pump, they have never used the song Pump Up the Jam by Technotronic for any of the tracks…I think they […]