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There will be flamethrowers!

In a short break from my normal blogging topics I thought I’d tell you about anxiety and how it relates to me. It is relevant really because a heath and […]

Found poetry pt 2: the otter saga

Or the day my phone turned into a needy surrealist and developed an obsession with otters! In case the title of the post didn’t give it away, I have been […]

Dear the world, trust your kidneys!

And your liver. In general, trust your body’s mechanism for removing waste products and toxins from itself. Your body has evolved over thousands of years to be really efficient at […]

Same thing different year…

So approximately this time last year I signed up for a thing… that thing was Janathon (look here) what I am going to say may be apparent to those of […]

Extra: May Challenge

      After April’s disastrous get myself up early challenge where I discovered that I might actually be a panda I thought I might choose a challenge for May that […]

Extra: I am a guest blogger!!

An awesome thing has happened guys!! I was asked by the amazing Nancy at My Years of Sweat to write a guest post telling my story on her blog! once I […]

Extra: New month’s resolution…

That is a thing! yes it is! why not…if new years can have resolutions new months can too! and I didn’t make any in January either so April resolutions it […]

Extra: Mordor Update

Good morning 🙂 I thought it was about time for a ‘Walking to Mordor’ challenge update 🙂 There is good news! I have made it to Rivendell and 50 miles beyond! […]