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Tag: febathon

Welcome to month two!!

Month two of insanity max 30, not month two of the year as that is February and that started! Oh my goodness!! I have said it before and I will […]

Febathon back on track!

After a glitch yesterday cause by being sick (literally) today I am back on track! I got my arse outside into the cold cold windy world and went for a […]

Febathon day 3 (insanity max 30 day 23) done

I think I might have to think of some more interesting titles soon… Certainly by March…Janathon is a good thing and Febathon is amusing…but Marathon would just be misleading!! It’ll […]

So…Febathon is a thing then…

Or…Insanity max 30 day 22:done My Febathon idea got posted in the Janathon Facebook group so now people are doing it!! They attributed the idea to me too… 😀 😀 […]

Suspension Training is go!

Or possibly Febathon day 1 complete! So right off the back of my awesome Janathon, I have decided to carry on with this daily exercise lark and do my very […]