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Tag: fitness and health

Project 44: Day 18 Leg day!

Today on honour of leg day I decided to wear all of the colours! Look these were the legs and this was the top… This t shirt is definitely not […]

Project 44: Day 9 My t shirt lied!

Well, not so much lied exactly, more was mismatched with the activities involved in today’s PT session… See it says Squat like a grrrl, and what I did whilst wearing […]

This week I am making a plan!

To quote one of my best friends from school… “its always good to have a plan!” Admittedly the plan to which she was referring at that point was to buy […]

Transform 20

So Project Regain my Springiness, which is what I have decided to call the addition of running and jumping and such to my regime, is go! Yes, it does have […]

PWG Day 3 – 6: return of the deadlift!

Day 3 was Thursday, and on Thursday I deadlifted 😀 Ok…I deadlifted off a slightly raised platform, and only 70kg but still 😀 it made me extremely happy! Even happier […]

Broken Warrior Goddess Update…

Hello lovely people 🙂 Well…I am still broken, but things are looking up 😀 I had an appointment at the fracture clinic yesterday and they poked and prodded my ankle […]