Project Unstoppable Days 8 – 12: Not only yoga…

Mostly yoga, but not only yoga! Day 8 was Wednesday, it was another horrendously rainy rainy day here in the UK! Yes I know we should be used to it but somehow it is even more rainy than normal… This is relevant as it is curtailing my desire to do outside activities. I did however…… Continue reading Project Unstoppable Days 8 – 12: Not only yoga…

Project Competition Ready / Janathon Update…

Once upon a time there was a person who wanted to be fit enough to dance in a mask, so they set themselves up with a blog and a challenge. This person was all about cardio fitness and quite a bit about shrinking themselves, and consequently a do loads of stuff every day set of…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready / Janathon Update…

Janathon 2022 day 4 & 5: distracted by a ukulele

Yes, a ukulele you read that right! Well actually, to be completely accurate, 2 ukuleles, but that is beside the point! It hasn’t stopped me doing exercise but it has taken up quite a bit of my time… This is extremely likely to be the reason that the exercise I did on day 4 (Tuesday)…… Continue reading Janathon 2022 day 4 & 5: distracted by a ukulele

Project competition ready: days 25-32

I tell you what, if this project is really going to get me competition ready, I am going to have to find a way to sleep more. That is the only way I am going to have enough energy to do the things I want to do! Sleep is a problem, but I am working…… Continue reading Project competition ready: days 25-32

Project competition ready: day 24

And then there was running… Well, sort of running, after this long a break from it I ma really not that great at the running just now. But That’s no reason not to do a thing. After all someone I know once said this: Ok, it was me, I said it, but I put it…… Continue reading Project competition ready: day 24

Project competition ready: day 23

Monday was a double yoga day 😁 A series of minor mishaps made it awkward to go to the gym, so I did two sessions of yoga, one early evening, for hip flexibility and one later on for relaxing and better sleep! I think I might be getting a teeeeeeny bit better at the hip…… Continue reading Project competition ready: day 23

Project competition ready: day 11

Working and walking same as the other London days… One day I will do exercise other than walking on my days in the office, I promise, but for now just adding extra walking at lunch and the addition of a standing desk is helping… That picture shows my walk to the office… it is pretty…… Continue reading Project competition ready: day 11

Happy New (blogging) Year!

Happy new blogging year… Maybe I should say happy birthday in these posts… but that seems so traditional! Anyway, can you believe I have been at this blogging malarky for 8 years!?! I can’t! I think I thought I’d lose the impetus at some point, but here I am still going, albeit not quite as…… Continue reading Happy New (blogging) Year!

Last phase of the plan…

This is the hard one… I need to get more sleep! No idea how I am going to manage it. I mean I do know, in theory, I just have to go to bed earlier but it never seems to turn out as easy as that! I am getting used to getting up at 5am…… Continue reading Last phase of the plan…

Who do I want to be next?

New job New adventures New start New opportunities Who do I want to be when I face all these new and exiting things? I know, fundamentally, deep down I can’t change who I am, and I don’t really want to, but it is a good opportunity to build new habits or change routines… Today is…… Continue reading Who do I want to be next?