Happy New (blogging) Year!

Happy new blogging year… Maybe I should say happy birthday in these posts… but that seems so traditional! Anyway, can you believe I have been at this blogging malarky for 8 years!?! I can’t! I think I thought I’d lose the impetus at some point, but here I am still going, albeit not quite as…… Continue reading Happy New (blogging) Year!

I have been hit by the mop of demotivation

I have actually googled mop of demotivation, and it is, apparently, not a real thing, but I was considering what implement someone would use to spread demotivation and it would definitely be a mop. A slightly musty damp mop that has been sitting in a not quite empty mop bucked for a few weeks. So,…… Continue reading I have been hit by the mop of demotivation

2021: Welcome to the future!

We are officially living in the future… bear with me, it makes sense I promise. Well sense for me anyway… So I was looking at films/books that are set in 2020/2021 and many of the things were somewhat dystopian, Children of Men by PD James was set in 2021 (future with no more fertility and…… Continue reading 2021: Welcome to the future!

Lockdown 2.0: Smaller and more confusing…

Actually saying this lockdown is more confusing is not really *that* accurate, there has been no part of the UK’s (specifically England’s) response to this pandemic has been particularly straightforward or clear cut. The first lockdown was reasonably straightforward, but it still seemed to precipitate hundreds of arguments and misunderstandings on who could go out…… Continue reading Lockdown 2.0: Smaller and more confusing…

Back to the grindstone…

ok this works the glutes, and the quads… Ok, I don’t really think my training is a grindstone. I nearly always enjoy it, otherwise why do it!! But my point is, now I am back from holiday, I am back to the training full steam ahead. I have 2 competitions at the end of November…… Continue reading Back to the grindstone…

21 days of extreme godessing!

If I tell you I have signed up for a thing, I doubt very much any of you will be surprised! I am on a mission at the moment to gain back what I have lost (fitness and enthusiasm) and lose what I have gained (fat) over the past year, and particularly the section since…… Continue reading 21 days of extreme godessing!

Day 29 and 30: Training and dancing and stretching it all out

Good evening 🙂 This two day post at a weekend is becoming a habit, but it does at least give me more to write about! Starting with sleep…After the fitbit analysis of my sleep on Thursday night, I was slightly concerned about the constant waking. Some very helpful advice given on Friday’s blog by Carol…… Continue reading Day 29 and 30: Training and dancing and stretching it all out