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Tag: flexibility

The “easy pose” is misnamed

Or week one of my 30 day yoga challenge… The easy pose involves sitting cross legged and being upright and grounded and such. (I am still not aufait with the […]

February Challenge…

Yes, I know it is past the middle of February, but who says I have to start things at the beginning of months :-p it will be partly a March […]

Janathon day 30

Hi, super quick post!  In the interests of increasing my flexibility and mobility after being told by several seperate people that I am imbalanced and lack mobility in certain areas, […]

Janathon day 27 and 28

Ok…so I didn’t post yesterday, it was totally because I forgot but as well as that, I didn’t take any pictures at dancing so the post would literally be me […]

Janathon day 9

Today there was walking…and yoga! There was a trip to Brighton involved which ended up containing a fair amount of walking 🙂 12000+ steps which was nice. As j mentioned […]

Day 254: And this was the day…

You know a couple of days ago I said I would do yoga and not be wearing  pyjamas well Saturday was the day! I officially did my first ever pjyama-less yoga […]

Day 20: Challenging my inner cynic

Good evening  🙂 I know what some of you are thinking…challenging my inner cynic doesn’t sound like exercise. I know what some others of you are thinking too…inner cynic? is […]