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Tag: free weights

Reboot day 33: Yoga free Friday…

Well so far anyway… there is actually a very good chance I will be doing some yoga in the next half hour…(I didn't…I fell asleep) But I promised you a […]

Eeeek! Time for an update!

Good day good people of the world…or at least those who haven’t given up on this blog completely due to the 21 day hiatus! 21 days…3 weeks! sorry! I have […]

I’ve found my thing!

You may have noticed, over the past 2 years, I have been doing any old exercise that take my fancy, and any new exercise that takes my fancy for that […]

Day 176: Stonehenge Dancing Awesomeness!

No, Stonehenge wasn’t dancing…that would have been “Dancing Stonehenge Awesomeness!” and it would have made the papers! It was, of course, Mythago’s, much heralded and anticipated dance out at Stonehenge, […]

Day 171: More Monday Body Pump

eeek…I am behind on this blog lark…I will do better I promise! So in the spirit of attempting to give body pump a fair chance, I am sticking to my […]