What no one ever tells you about grief…

When you are grieving, people tell you all sorts of things. They tell you, that it will get better, they tell you they understand how you feel, they tell you they know what it is like, they tell you that time heals things. They offer advice about keeping busy or resting or moving on or…… Continue reading What no one ever tells you about grief…

The other side of health…

I talk a lot on here about exercise and physical health. As I started writing this on World Mental Health day it seemed only right that I talk a little about some other aspects of health. I have spoken before about my anxiety (there will be flamethrowers)Β I am pleased to say that it is nothing…… Continue reading The other side of health…

A weekend of dance, walking and rain!!

This weekend started so well!! It was Rochester sweeps festival which involves.. well… Dancing and more dancing and some waking about… all with fantastic people! So that was pretty damn awesome and is exactly what this whole fit enough to dance in a mask project was all about!! Then came Sunday… a day where I…… Continue reading A weekend of dance, walking and rain!!

Mountain bike mayhem

It has been a while since I have told you about a new thing I have been doing, so I am going to do just that now. OK…technically this isn’t a new thing… it is an old thing that I haven’t done for a while… By a while I mean about 8 years… SoΒ it totally…… Continue reading Mountain bike mayhem

Day 294 – 297 Level 2 gym instructor is what I am!!

Woooooooohooooooooo πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Ok…I am skipping straight to the end of the story, but the title was one big spoiler anyway so I don’t care!! On Sunday I had my Gym Instructor (Level 2) Assessment, and I PASSED! Not only did I pass, but I got a Merit on both the portfolio and the actual…… Continue reading Day 294 – 297 Level 2 gym instructor is what I am!!

Day 291: Practise and Pumping

what better way to spend a monday evening than taking a good friend on a whistle stop tour of the local gym facilities? ok…I appreciate that sentence sounds sarcastic…but it wasn’t! I did enjoy myself πŸ˜€ we started off with a trip to Steyning (Matt’s gym) to practise for my assessment on sunday. Jen in…… Continue reading Day 291: Practise and Pumping

Day 26: fitbit and clashing sticks

Good evening πŸ™‚ It is Wednesday, this can only mean one thing…it is wicked wacky stick Wednesday! for the uninitiated this means Mythago morris dancing practice. This means it is not difficult at all to motivated myself to be as active as possible πŸ™‚ it was a warm evening though and I chose the wrong…… Continue reading Day 26: fitbit and clashing sticks