Advice for the “well meaning” friend

You may have a friend /colleague/family member who you think is overweight, and their weight is, in your opinion, causing them problems. You may think you will do the “right thing” and tell them they need to lose weight, or that they are too heavy right now for x, y or z. You may be…… Continue reading Advice for the “well meaning” friend

So, its been 6 years!

It has been 6 years, to the day, since I published my first post on this blog! As is tradition at times like this I am going to look back on things that have happened in the last year and as, this is technically a new year post (woohoo happy new year everyone) I am…… Continue reading So, its been 6 years!

The other side of health…

I talk a lot on here about exercise and physical health. As I started writing this on World Mental Health day it seemed only right that I talk a little about some other aspects of health. I have spoken before about my anxiety (there will be flamethrowers) I am pleased to say that it is nothing…… Continue reading The other side of health…

When Imaginary Friends become Real!

No…not the imaginary friend I had when I was a child…that would be wierd! Especially when you consider that my childhood imaginary friend was only about 10cm high so she should come everywhere with me! She was definitely not the imaginary friend I am talking about…this would be a little odd… actually pretty cool… but…… Continue reading When Imaginary Friends become Real!