Project Competition Ready: Day 12

Yesterday was a weird day. I felt like I was wading through treacle and just wanted to hibernate yesterday. Actually come to think of it I didn’t feel like I was literally wading through treacle, that would be horribly sticky! I did feel sluggish and all forward progress was like pushing against something though. In…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: Day 12


I think I’ve talked about motivation before, I have talked about how it used to be dancing and how I have been searching for a new motivation since I stopped doing that. I am pretty sure a lot of motivation is coming from me and my general desire to be stronger, and fitter and how…… Continue reading Motivation!

Project 44: Day 7…it’s a drag!

A sled drag 😁😁 Which is what I managed to do at the gym this morning… I dragged 150 and then 175 kg up and down the gym while wearing a startling amount of orange!! It was fun and much harder wrk than I anticipated because I totally miscounted the weights and did 20kg more…… Continue reading Project 44: Day 7…it’s a drag!

Janathon 2020 – day 1

Hello πŸ™‚ So it is that time of year again… Yes…January, that’s the time I meant! As we all know by now, January means two things (at least) 1) Janathon… exercise and blogging every day B) 30 days of yoga with Yoga with Adrien This is a super quick update as I had a second…… Continue reading Janathon 2020 – day 1

The system works…

The juneathon focused amongst you may have noticed a suspicious lack of posts since last week… I can’t deny it I have been lax in my approach to blogging since last week, but not in my approach to exercise πŸ˜€ In my defence there has been a lot going on in my head since last…… Continue reading The system works…

Janathon day 28 (and 27, 26 and 25)

Ok…I haven’t forgotten all about this I promise!! I have been exercising and stuff but life got somewhat busy and I simultaneously I decided I needed to stop dashing about like a headless chicken trying to fit as much in as possible! So I did somethings I wanted to which was mostly yoga and walking…… Continue reading Janathon day 28 (and 27, 26 and 25)

Janathon day 23: indecisiveness…

I spent the whole morning today trying to decide hat tondo with the exercise for the day… dancing and yoga were set but I was trying to work out what else I could fit in and when… It caused me much consternation…I even asked the world of Facebook… In the end, I went for a…… Continue reading Janathon day 23: indecisiveness…

PWG Day 3 – 6: return of the deadlift!

Day 3 was Thursday, and on Thursday I deadlifted πŸ˜€ Ok…I deadlifted off a slightly raised platform, and only 70kg but still πŸ˜€ it made me extremely happy! Even happier when I went for a walk at lunch and didn’t get rained on. I had my rain hat on but still happy to keep dry!…… Continue reading PWG Day 3 – 6: return of the deadlift!

Debut Photography Exhibition is go!

An explanation of why (aside from broken legs) I have been a teeny bit distracted from exercise and telling you about exercise for the last week or so… A little while ago I told you that I had landed myself a space to have a photography exhibition in and that I was rushing about trying…… Continue reading Debut Photography Exhibition is go!

Junethon day 28: Project Warrior Goddess day 4: all the squats!!

I am wearing this t shirt right now… Which turned out to be quite appropriate. I started the day in the gym…I wasn’t entirely awake but made it there somehow and managed to do somethings… Starting with squats! Heavy(ish) weighted squats and sled pushes because they are the things I do in the gym when…… Continue reading Junethon day 28: Project Warrior Goddess day 4: all the squats!!