Janathon 2022: day one – Happy New Year and all that!

Well, it’s 2022 and it has been for almost a whole day and so far so good… As it tradition I have set myself some goals and written them down so I don’t forget. I might forget actually, I sometimes do but writing them down helps! If you’ve been here before, you will notice that…… Continue reading Janathon 2022: day one – Happy New Year and all that!

Happy New (blogging) Year!

Happy new blogging year… Maybe I should say happy birthday in these posts… but that seems so traditional! Anyway, can you believe I have been at this blogging malarky for 8 years!?! I can’t! I think I thought I’d lose the impetus at some point, but here I am still going, albeit not quite as…… Continue reading Happy New (blogging) Year!

2021: Welcome to the future!

We are officially living in the future… bear with me, it makes sense I promise. Well sense for me anyway… So I was looking at films/books that are set in 2020/2021 and many of the things were somewhat dystopian, Children of Men by PD James was set in 2021 (future with no more fertility and…… Continue reading 2021: Welcome to the future!

Happy New Year!

As is now customary, it is my midsummer happy new year post 😀 Well, it had to be done didn’t it! It is a lot happier than last year’s too! I know its late… but its a pretty unconventional Happy New Year post, it can be whenever it likes! A lot has happened in the last…… Continue reading Happy New Year!

2020: New Year, New…

New year new me? Well no, I quite like me…I have some arguments with my brain on occasion but I don’t think it warrants a whole new me. After all, a new me would involve giving up all aspects of me and all the things I do. That is definitely not going to happen! I…… Continue reading 2020: New Year, New…

New week new plan…

Ok, it’s more or less the same plan, a couple of changes here or there but still… It is definitely a new week… Anyway, last week, I had a plan. It was pretty good as plans go, it wasn’t particularly cunning, which is good actually, because it means that my friend Methalda’s mum wouldn’t need…… Continue reading New week new plan…

This week I am making a plan!

To quote one of my best friends from school… “its always good to have a plan!” Admittedly the plan to which she was referring at that point was to buy the Royal Yacht Britannia when it was decommissioned and celebrate the millennium aboard it… Funnily enough this didn’t happen, mostly because 6 x 23 yr…… Continue reading This week I am making a plan!

February here we come…

Yes, I know…it is totally already February… but it is still pretty close to the start so it is all good 🙂 After the loveliness that was January with janathon and Yoga Dedicate from Yoga with Adriene and of course, walking 100 miles across the month (well 106 actually but you get the point) I…… Continue reading February here we come…

Happy New Year and all that!

Happy new year and welcome to 2019 😊 along with everyone else in the world, I have set some goals for the year to come 🙂 They aren’t resolutions, they are just things I would like to do this year 🙂 I have written them all down in a very pretty book! Writing things in…… Continue reading Happy New Year and all that!

2018 Janathon is go!!

Happy new year lovely people!! It is a whole new year (obviously otherwise the happy new year greeting would be wierd…) and that means a whole load of people telling you about goals and resolutions and suchlike. I am not going to do that. I have goals…I wrote them in a book…I might show you…… Continue reading 2018 Janathon is go!!