Project 44: Day 41 – shed gym phase 3

Yesterday morning, over breakfast, a pallet full of weights and gym flooring arrived at my house! Needless to say this was extremely exciting! It was followed later in the morning by a delivery of an Olympic bar, which as it turns out, is one of the nicest bars I have ever used 😀 Of course…… Continue reading Project 44: Day 41 – shed gym phase 3

I love this strong person thing!

I am probably going to have to settle on strongwoman at some point, but strong person seems to suit me better in my head… Or possibly strong bear…   Like these chaps! That little one has the literal definition of log press sorted!! I think I have been a yoga bear, a morning bear, not…… Continue reading I love this strong person thing!

Janathon day 2

Well that was a shock to the system all round!! First day back at work, made even more shocking by an early morning PT session!! It was worth it though, the PT was awesome despite it being push day and me having to do Viking presses which are less exciting than they sound!! I also…… Continue reading Janathon day 2

I did a running thing…

I ran a 10K!!! I was going to lead up to that with some sort of suspense building preamble… apparently I am excited about it and I blurted it out just like that! A couple of months ago, when it seemed very far off in both time and running ability, I entered the Thruxton 10k…… Continue reading I did a running thing…

Lift like a grrrl!

(Disclaimer…noone is paying me to write any of this!! I am not associated with the company in any way…I just genuinely like them!!) Those of you who follow my instagram/facebook/twitter accounts may have noticed that I have recently become obsessed with taken a liking to clothing from a company called Grrrl. To be completely honest, I…… Continue reading Lift like a grrrl!