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Tag: gym

Who do I want to be next?

New job New adventures New start New opportunities Who do I want to be when I face all these new and exiting things? I know, fundamentally, deep down I can’t […]

Project Energise: Day 10 Lots of squats!

Day 10 of Project Energise, I finally made it back to the shed gym, on my own to restart my slightly forsaken strongperson training programme! I restarted the Stoltman programme […]

Project 44: day 20 it’s a yoke!

Actually…it wasn’t a yoke, it was a sort of odd shaped squat bar with dangly down bits on each side but it was the closest I was going to get… […]

Project 44: Day 15 core…a rest day…

Not a total rest…obviously! I still went to the gym, otherwise project 44 would fail, and we can’t have that! However as my Monday, which was going to be lighter, […]