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Tag: hard work

Jump Around…

  …Jump around, jump up, jump up and get down! Because we haven’t had a 90s music reference for such a long time… hours at least… anyway…Jump around seemed like […]

Day 273 Tabata Thursday

Well, that title would sound better on a Tuesday, from an alliterative and sound point of view…if you don’t believe it say them bot out loud. Tabata Tuesday Tabata Thursday […]

220: Body pump release number 88

Monday evening heralded the long awaited arrival of the new body pump release. And it was good to have a change from the last one! I do like this release […]

Day 80: Boxercise pump combo

Good day 🙂 My fundamental problem with boxercise…is it is not boxing… but this is my problem…not the classes problem. If I walk into a boxercise class expecting to be […]