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Tag: health and fitness

What to do about “problem areas”

Accept that problem areas are not a real thing, they are a societal construct designed to keep women subjugated, paranoid and spending money on unnecessary products. You weren’t really expecting […]

October Restart…

Apparently it is October… It is 3 months 1 week since I broke my ankle in the pursuit of morris dancing perfection so I thought it was high time I […]

PWG day 16: Kettlebell fun!

Yes! Kettlebells are fun!! Hard work, but fun 😀 I got to play with them in PT which is always good! We did a HIIT type kettlebell/slam ball/med ball combo […]

This has to stop!

I know I have written a post before about the craziness of the media’s attitude towards size and weight in preference to actual health and fitness. it was a while […]

What Next?

Where do I go from here? How do I follow such an awesome 365 project? What is the logical next step? Year of pizza and cake? that has a certain […]

Extra: Biggest Challenge yet!

This one is a biggy! No, I am not running a marathon, I have not  signed up to walk 100kms (although I am still thinking about that shh) I have […]