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Tag: healthy choices

More of the same, and some yoga…

Its all go at Project Warrior Goddess, so much go, that I have designated a new sub-project… it Project Strong Enough to Pull a Truck 🙂 It will get its […]

New week new plan…

Ok, it’s more or less the same plan, a couple of changes here or there but still… It is definitely a new week… Anyway, last week, I had a plan. […]

This week I am making a plan!

To quote one of my best friends from school… “its always good to have a plan!” Admittedly the plan to which she was referring at that point was to buy […]

This week so far…

This week so far has been confusing and energetic… Confusing because it was bank holiday on Monday and this has left me with no idea what day it is! Energetic […]

I did new things in March

I have been trying new things!! They are all awesome and I love them!! Do all the new things!! Ok…I feel I might need to get somewhat more specific than […]

Never let a hot dog dictate your mood!

Its good advice…you know it is! There might be some as yet undefined circumstances where a person’s mood can be profoundly effected by a sausage inna bun* but in general, […]

21 days of extreme godessing!

If I tell you I have signed up for a thing, I doubt very much any of you will be surprised! I am on a mission at the moment to […]

Food glorious food

Apparently a little bit of what you fancy does you good, but you can have too much of a good thing… This is certainly true if you are me and […]

October Restart…

Apparently it is October… It is 3 months 1 week since I broke my ankle in the pursuit of morris dancing perfection so I thought it was high time I […]