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Tag: healthy lifestyle

This week I am making a plan!

To quote one of my best friends from school… “its always good to have a plan!” Admittedly the plan to which she was referring at that point was to buy […]

Morning HIIT is now a thing…

There is a theme developing on this blog, where I hate training in the mornings, then train in the mornings, then hate it, then love it…it is a little like […]

Janathon day 2: yoga hurts!!

Today I walked some walking, I danced some dancing and I yogaed some yoga… and the general gist of it all was things made my ankle and my big toe […]

Happy New Year and all that!

Happy new year and welcome to 2019 😊 along with everyone else in the world, I have set some goals for the year to come 🙂 They aren’t resolutions, they […]

Warrior Goddess Quest Progress

In October, which seems like an awful long time ago now, I wrote you a lovely post about rebooting and restarting and refocusing and all that good stuff. It had […]

Juneathon day 4: today I walked

Well you would have walked too after that weekend!! Today was definitely a day for less vigorous activity 😁 It was a nice walk though and I met a cat […]

Janathon day 6…

Yesterday I decided to do yoga earlier… today I completely failed at that and did it at quarter past midnight again… Still I did it and that is what counts […]