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Tag: healthy lifestyle

Yoga…in a class!!

I tried a thing! I tried a yoga thing! In a class with other people! I didn’t hate it! It was hard work and I am (as we already know) […]

Day 204 & 205 Awesome Wassailing Weekend

Hello again 🙂 It was (as you may have guessed from the title) a pretty awesome weekend! I will explain wassailing for the uninitiated in due course, but without further […]

Day 196: It is definitely January

I know I should be pleased that there are lots of people attempting to start new habits, and improve their health and such like. I should be pleased that there […]

Day 186 – 194 Christmas Catch up

Ok..Christmas and New year and all the crazy travelling about and what not in that time has left me slightly behind on this blogging business! Not, however, behind on the […]