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Tag: healthy lifestyle

Day 134: Deadlifting awesomeness…

Ok…I apologise for the nonsensical nature of the title…but there were deadlifts and they were awesome (I wasn’t lifting awesomeness as the title implies but shhh), but that will come […]

Day 133: That Friday feeling…

You all know that Friday feeling…the one that you get at the end of the working week when you realise that it is the weekend…well I didn’t get that this […]

Day 128: sticking to the plan…

Despite feeling like I could do more, I decided to stick to my plan of making Sundays “rest days” and only doing Pilates on them. So on Sunday I did […]

Day 124: an injury free step class

Good morning 🙂 in the interests of trying yet another new exercise class to add to the varied and random fitness regime of mine, I tried Body Step last night! […]

Day 122: Monday revelation

Good Morning 🙂 I am slightly late writing up Monday’s body pump, but my excitement at the revelation is not diminished…but I will come to that all in good time […]