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Tag: healthy lifestyle

Day 114: sunday morning reset

good afternoon 🙂 I really like Sunday morning Pilates 🙂 it is like a weekly reset for my body! I always seem to walk out with less aches and pains […]

Day 108 Deja vu Monday

Good morning 🙂 A few weeks ago (on Day 87) I wrote a post entitled “Awful Running Awesome Pump” well, this post could just as easily have been called exactly […]

Day 97: Free running

ok…not that sort of free running…not the Parkour awesomeness type of free running…I am really not that good…at anything to be engaging in that sort of thing… What I mean […]

Day 96: Dancing my way to feeling better

Good morning 🙂 what could be better for increasing energy levels and helping recovery than dancing about waving sticks! Nothing…that’s what!! It was of course Wednesday yesterday, and that means […]