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Tag: healthy lifestyle

Day 91: Running up that hill

Good afternoon 😀 It was only a matter of time until I used that Kate Bush song reference now wasn’t it! Well…in all honesty it wasn’t a very big hill, […]

Day 89 (part 2) Sticking like a man

Good morning The second phase of yesterday’s activity was of course dancing! It was Wednesday, so whatever else happens, there is always dancing 🙂 this is what makes Wednesdays so […]

Day 86: The Sunday after the race before

Good morning 🙂 I awoke Sunday morning expecting extremely achy legs, and was pleasantly surprised! I had tight calves (but then I always have tight calves) and hamstrings (but they […]

Day 84: resting pilates

Good evening 🙂 I would like to start by saying, that I realised too late what I should have named yesterday’s walk post…It amused me so much that I had […]