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Project 44: Day 12 HIIT happens…

It is day 12 of gymming every day, and I decided it was about time I did some cardio… So we started with sled pushes/pulls and kettlebell squat supersets, then […]

Project 44: day 5 pick and mix

Day 5, first time I have been to the gym 5 days in a row for a long time… 😁 We (yes we, mark came along today 😁) turned up […]

Juneathon Day 5 and 6

Eeek I have been a bit lax in telling you about all the things that have been going on… So I am going to cop out a little and just […]

Remembering why I do this…

This is a post about running. It is also about dancing and me returning to some things that I have let slide a little. I will start with running… I […]

Morning HIIT is now a thing…

There is a theme developing on this blog, where I hate training in the mornings, then train in the mornings, then hate it, then love it…it is a little like […]

Day 84: Good save monday

Monday was looking like it was going to be a write off… I tried to get up and either run or gym before work but I wasn’t meeting anyone to […]