A new thing!!

I tried a new thing the other day!! It is an awesome new thing and I am going to do more of it 😀 Yeay! New thing!!! Ok…I’ll tell you what it is. Although I was super tempted just to leave the post at that and press publish 😀 ) This new thing is Geocaching!…… Continue reading A new thing!!

Janathon day 21

Remember I said I was challenging myself to become an insanity instructor? Well that workshop is tomorrow… And in aid of not dying while I am doing it, I decided to have a relatively light day today… I did go for a walk though…it was a little one but it was something and I am…… Continue reading Janathon day 21

Janathon day 20

(Slightly belated…) It was a beautiful day yesterday, so instead of rushing to the gym in my lunchbreak I went for a more traditional walk 🙂 It was very pleasant, if a little blooming freezing!!                    It would be nice if I had some different places to walk, but there are only…… Continue reading Janathon day 20

Janathon day 3: done

I ran! Again!! That is 3 days in a row and the third day of increasing distance! I was faster than yesterday too 😀 Ok…this was probably because I wasn’t scared of dark countryside and potential zombies, but Yeay anyway!! It was a dark run, but I had enough common sense to run in a…… Continue reading Janathon day 3: done

Day 337 & 338 A weekend of walking and being a cat

OK…I wasn’t an actual cat…I didn’t dress up or anything… Day 337 Saturday Saturday was my cat day…a day of sleeping, studying, more sleeping, more studying and a bit of crazy moving about! For a good deal of last week, I was surviving on not enough sleep, despite my continued resolutions to be better at…… Continue reading Day 337 & 338 A weekend of walking and being a cat

Days 322 – 324 Do I even want a bombshell bottom?

You may be able to tell that the squat challenge is getting hard! I know I chose it for that very reason, but that doesn’t change that fact that it is hard! What makes it even harder is adding squats in on top of everything else I am already doing (I suspect Nancy who is…… Continue reading Days 322 – 324 Do I even want a bombshell bottom?