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Tag: improvement

Project 44: day 17 Sam vs the viking press…

Once, long ago a valiant, sleepy warrior goddess challenged her greatest foe… Miraculously, despite her lack of sleep and general feeling of Friday morning… she won!! Ok I’ll stop taking […]

Project 44: Day 12 HIIT happens…

It is day 12 of gymming every day, and I decided it was about time I did some cardio… So we started with sled pushes/pulls and kettlebell squat supersets, then […]

I love this strong person thing!

I am probably going to have to settle on strongwoman at some point, but strong person seems to suit me better in my head… Or possibly strong bear…   Like […]

I still dance in the gym!

Remember last week when I told you all about my record breaking sled pull (my records, it still counts!)? Well, as is my habit, I posted the event to every […]

Drug running…

Or possibly drugged running… Ok…its not as bad as it sounds I promise! I have been running, and I have been on drugs… ok…antibiotics, nothing illegal or terrifying I promise! […]

Juneathon day 3: improvement

Ok so apparently, despite my negativity and how awful I felt about myself the last day or so, I have still improved… I ran at lunchtime and week 2 of […]