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Tag: improvement

Janathon day 20: sunshine and yoga

Sunday seems to be following a pattern at the moment. An exercise pattern anyway… Today was no different! I got myself out mid afternoon for a walk on a part […]

Janathon day 12: yoga with cats

Today was a day if doing less than anticipated, less than I planned, and less than I have done the entire rest of the month. But that’s ok, that is […]

Janathon day 10: β€œrest” day

I am always tired Thursday… something to do with lat dancing and early morning sports massage… Well today was sports massage sometimes it is just not enough sleep… Anyway… because […]

Warrior Goddess Quest Progress

In October, which seems like an awful long time ago now, I wrote you a lovely post about rebooting and restarting and refocusing and all that good stuff. It had […]

PWG Week 3: Return of the Warrior!

(Probably) I think it is probably week 3… My counting is somewhat sketchy and I am still being mindful of my ankle so a few days have involved mainly walking […]