Juneathon days 15-17: Overseas Dancing!

Yes, its another joint post for the weekend’s Juneathon stuff… In my defence, I have been living in a field all weekend (again). It was a different field this time mind you… It was a field in the Isle of Wight (yes it is overseas… there was a ferry and everything!!) It was the weekend…… Continue reading Juneathon days 15-17: Overseas Dancing!

Dancing shenanigans!

I believe that when I wrote yesterdays post, I promised you dancing… I don’t think i promised shenanigans, but generally speaking, when there is dancing there is also a degree of shenaniganinity. (yes, it can be a word if I like!!) Dancing-wise the may was somewhat quieter than normal, we had the customary Horsham day…… Continue reading Dancing shenanigans!