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Tag: janathon

Janathon 2021 day 11: progress

I think there is a chance I might be getting slightly better at this yoga thing. Not good…but better and progress is progress 🙂 I think I say the same […]

Janathon 2021 day 3: some yoga.

Today there was some yoga, and a lot of me trying to organise things… However the his post is about Janathon and exercise, so we will leave the organisation until […]

Janathon 2020: Days 23 – 28

Yes I know…this is supposed to be every day…well… it isn’t but I am still doing the things! Lots and lots of things… Sleeping is still one of them! I […]

Janathon 2020: Update, days 14 to 22

Things have been happening… Walks have been walked, things have been lifted…and put down again, some dance has been done (no, not morris, ‘Cize by Shaun T)… What hasn’t been […]

Janathon 2020: Day 13

Logs! More specifically pressing logs!! I did sets of 3 at 30kg mainly to practice the technique… It is hard because it is quite a narrow grip and I have […]