Day 364: Runner?

Or possibly a jogging experiment… After a lengthy conversation with Nancy from “My Years of Sweat” about her dislike of running and the definition of running vs jogging and the relative paces of each, I decided to go for a run on Friday night, but felt slightly paranoid while I was doing it. Was I…… Continue reading Day 364: Runner?

Day 253: Everything is Awesome!

It was Saturday, it was sunny, and there were six….. Kilometers 🙂 6.1 actually 😀 the longest distance i have covered on a run for 4 years! 😀 It was not as interesting a run as Fridays when viewed on a map… I went along the downs link path, which is a disused railway not…… Continue reading Day 253: Everything is Awesome!

Day 102: Neither rain nor snow nor glom of nit

Good afternoon 🙂 It rained on Saturday and it was definitely glom of nit this morning when I got up to go to PT and it was still dark, we will just have to see what effect snow has on my dedication! (I can’t believe I got to day 102 without a Terry Pratchett reference!)…… Continue reading Day 102: Neither rain nor snow nor glom of nit

Day 71: Best run yet

Good evening 🙂 Today, despite the complaining in my legs and the insistence of my brain that it was not a day for running, I completed the c25k week 5 day 1. I managed to convince my legs that they wanted to cooperate and took myself off to the Downs Link Path and ran along…… Continue reading Day 71: Best run yet

Day 52: from running to circuits in one monday

Good morning 🙂 Yet again I am posting this a day late but there was a lot going on yesterday 🙂 some of it was running, some of it was circuit training, some of it was getting completely sidetrcked by reading a book and some of it was processing photos. Those last two are not…… Continue reading Day 52: from running to circuits in one monday

Day 32: smile at the runners

Good morning 🙂 To the man who gave me a nice friendly smile on my last running interval of my (Day 1 week 1) c25k today I say thank you, you made me happy and run a tiny bit better because of it! As you might have gathered, I did my first training run for…… Continue reading Day 32: smile at the runners