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Tag: kettlebells

Reboot day 33: Yoga free Friday…

Well so far anyway… there is actually a very good chance I will be doing some yoga in the next half hour…(I didn't…I fell asleep) But I promised you a […]

365 take 2 days 10 – 17

Monday 25th April…or the day I took my life in my hands and went to the gym in the evening O_O I finished training my client and hot footed it […]

Janathon day 18

Eeeek I am slightly late blogging!! But aside from that, I totally did my quota of exercise! I did another whirlwind lunchtime my session! It is rushed but fun! It […]

Where did July go!!??

How did it get to almost the end of July without me posting more than a couple of posts! Very bad me! This will improve I promise 🙂 This post […]

Ice badger and the kettlebells of power!

ok…if I were a superhero and I had a kettlebell of power, I would certainly need super strength…it doesn’t actually sound like the most convenient power item. Until you realise that […]