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Tag: kettlebells

Day 216: Who knew I could do plank jacks…

Good afternoon 🙂 Yesterday’s activity started off with a good brisk march…I mean a leisurely lunchtime walk… ok…I mean a brisk lunchtime walk 🙂 It was a good walk, I […]

Day 186 – 194 Christmas Catch up

Ok..Christmas and New year and all the crazy travelling about and what not in that time has left me slightly behind on this blogging business! Not, however, behind on the […]

Day 173: slightly wacky wednesday

wacky Wednesday started with an awesome PT session! I awoke early and decided that I felt better and was perfectly fit for whatever Matt could throw at me, and it […]

Day 144: Jumping with kettlebells

Good morning 🙂 Last night, at PT, Matt made me jump with kettlebells…no-one should jump with kettlebells! Ok…I secretly loved it but don’t tell him just in case he gets […]

Day 139: you know Thursdays are tricky…

Well this was especially true this Thursday! Possibly because it felt like a Tuesday, and possibly because I had been working in a different location and hadn’t had much sleep, […]

Day 131: Wednesday is the new Thursday

You know how I have said on more than one occasion, that Thursdays are tricky, and that Wednesdays always include dancing…well this week things changed :-S Change is confusing…this is […]