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Tag: kettlebells

Day 21: Medieval kettlebell

Good evening…or should I say good morning… 🙂 Today’s exercise was looking like it could be a problem, I spent a lot of the day driving across the country to […]

Day 13: resting activities

Good day good people 🙂 As I reach the end of week two, I remind myself that if I am going to keep this up I really must remember to […]

Day 11: circuits for a second day

Good evening, Todays exercise plan did not go quite as I had intended when I got up this morning. The plan was to zoom down to Steyning to have a […]

Day 8 training and dancing and sunsine

Good evening Today started early, far earlier than a Saturday morning should, but with a busy day ahead I needed to start early to get everything prepared! Exercise wise my […]

Day 6: possible kettlebell addiction

hello people 🙂 Just a quick update today to mark the completion of another day of the challenge. What with one thing and another, this morning i awoke feeling like […]

Day 3: of rest and kettlebells

good morning, ok…i am still behind in my blog days but in my defense I tried to blog last night but my ipad crashed and it was too late to […]