Body Positivity

I am not putting up that picture to show off… This is not a look at my weight loss etc post or picture…although to be completely honest it is good to remind myself how far I have come once in a while… The whole point of this picture is it represents a fundamental change in…… Continue reading Body Positivity

A new thing!!

I tried a new thing the other day!! It is an awesome new thing and I am going to do more of it 😀 Yeay! New thing!!! Ok…I’ll tell you what it is. Although I was super tempted just to leave the post at that and press publish 😀 ) This new thing is Geocaching!…… Continue reading A new thing!!

Days 329 – 331: What a Weekend!

This weekend was one of fear and excitement and fun and being holed up in a basement learning things… But I’ll come to that! Firstly Friday Day 329: Friday was a low energy day, one of those sleepy, and vaguely apprehensive days when I was a) tired and 2) worrying about the weekend and being…… Continue reading Days 329 – 331: What a Weekend!

Days 266, 267 & 268 Gym Instructor Workshop…the needless panic!

I spent a considerable amount of time before this weekend worrying about the course. Not sensible worry like “have I studied enough to pass my exams?” or “is it going to be difficult” but I was entirely terrified of being laughed off the course! I was terrified that I was going to be the only…… Continue reading Days 266, 267 & 268 Gym Instructor Workshop…the needless panic!

Day 250: More PT and Dancing!

No, I still haven’t got the hang of arranging those on different days…Wednesdays are so good for PT as the gym seems to be quieter! So yes, this is what happened… Needless to say I was feeling better, not completely better, but enough better and rested that I could get up and get on and…… Continue reading Day 250: More PT and Dancing!

Challenge Updates

Challenge 1…the colourful one. I have already written about this, I challenged myself to complete the colour run in Brighton in September…and I did it! You can read about it here…there are pictures and everything 🙂 This challenge wasn’t really the one I wanted to update you on. Challenge 2…the scary one. This was the…… Continue reading Challenge Updates