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Tag: les mills

Day 311: Just another Manic Monday…

Well, not *that* manic but “just another fairly busy monday” would not scan, I can’t see the Bangles having a hit with that! Manic or not, it was definitely Monday, and this […]

Day 291: Practise and Pumping

what better way to spend a monday evening than taking a good friend on a whistle stop tour of the local gym facilities? ok…I appreciate that sentence sounds sarcastic…but it […]

Day 284: 15kg down

Good morning 🙂 At body pump last night a couple of things happened… 1) I upped my weights on nearly every track and remembered that I should stagger it more… […]

255: Normality Returns

Generally speaking I am not a fan of normality. But when it comes to being well and awake enough to return to my weekly body pump class, then I am […]