Remembering why I do this…

This is a post about running. It is also about dancing and me returning to some things that I have let slide a little. I will start with running… I have started the Couch to 5k again. I know, I keep starting running, loving running, hating running, stopping running…repeat and repeat and repeat, but the…… Continue reading Remembering why I do this…

The perils of morris dancing

The perils of morris dancing and not doing your physio exercises when told to… Or possibly the perils of dancing on uneven pavements… Ok, yes…I’ll get to the point… On Saturday Mythago danced out at Winchester Mayfest, I was dancing as a fully fixed non injured member of the side. I had my ankles taped…… Continue reading The perils of morris dancing

Not guilty!

Have you noticed all the outrageous amount of guilt and worry society in general heaps on people in a myriad of different ways! This post has arisen from a conversation I had with a work colleague recently (well not that recently…it was about 6 months ago…). It went something like this: Him: “its starting to…… Continue reading Not guilty!

Never let a hot dog dictate your mood!

Its good advice…you know it is! There might be some as yet undefined circumstances where a person’s mood can be profoundly effected by a sausage inna bun* but in general, no. Ok this post isn’t just an elaborate ruse to get (yet another) discworld reference in, I promise! I do have a point. Recently I…… Continue reading Never let a hot dog dictate your mood!

Food glorious food

Apparently a little bit of what you fancy does you good, but you can have too much of a good thing… This is certainly true if you are me and we are talking about food! Unfortunately I go through periods of being unable to spot “too much” until it is but a distant signpost barely…… Continue reading Food glorious food

The other side of health…

I talk a lot on here about exercise and physical health. As I started writing this on World Mental Health day it seemed only right that I talk a little about some other aspects of health. I have spoken before about my anxiety (there will be flamethrowers) I am pleased to say that it is nothing…… Continue reading The other side of health…

Happy New Year!!

Or to put it another way, happy 5th Birthday to Midsummer 365 Projects! 5 years is quite a milestone, especially when you consider that when I started this blog I was sporadic in my blogging history to say the least! I wasn’t sure what would happen when I started out on this endeavour, I really…… Continue reading Happy New Year!!

Reboot days 102 – 103: A weekend of mixed results

Day 102: Saturday On saturday I ran… I didn’t only run…I did other things too like have lunch and clear up and stuff. FOr the purposes of this post, I ran, I just didn’t want to give you the impression that I ran continuously for the whole day… Anyway, after much procrastination (I just can’t…… Continue reading Reboot days 102 – 103: A weekend of mixed results

Reboot day 91-97: Week of running…

Well…not only running, but there is a high proportion of running. To be exact 5/10 workouts from the last 7 days have been running. I suppose in reality that isn’t a high proportion, is just 50% but it is a lot for me… However, 3 runs in 3 days on top of the last two…… Continue reading Reboot day 91-97: Week of running…

Reboot day 38: Adapting to a new routine, and other stories

Day 38 was Wednesday… Wednesday started extremely early! Wednesday normally starts early because I have for the last year or so been going to the gym at 7am with my friend Sarah. This Wednesday due to Sarah having to teach an earlier class, we had to adapt this to start at the gym at 6:30…… Continue reading Reboot day 38: Adapting to a new routine, and other stories