Another New Paddington Day

woohoo New PB 😀 And…not a deadlift one this time!! My deadlifts have pleataeued, which is annoying but not surprising considering the amount of lower body injuries I gained at the beginning / middle of 2016! This time it was a bench press PB…yes, thats right I am finally attempting to address the imbalance between…… Continue reading Another New Paddington Day

Lift like a grrrl!

(Disclaimer…noone is paying me to write any of this!! I am not associated with the company in any way…I just genuinely like them!!) Those of you who follow my instagram/facebook/twitter accounts may have noticed that I have recently become obsessed with taken a liking to clothing from a company called Grrrl. To be completely honest, I…… Continue reading Lift like a grrrl!

Janathon day 12

Eeek I nearly forgot again Which is unforgivable really for a Tuesday!! After all Tuesday is the only day I regularly succeed in getting up super early (5:30am) to get to the gym before work!  Yes…I know I go to the gym at 7 so getting up at 5:30 seems excessively early… If you had…… Continue reading Janathon day 12