Janathon 2020: Day 13

Logs! More specifically pressing logs!! I did sets of 3 at 30kg mainly to practice the technique… It is hard because it is quite a narrow grip and I have quite not narrow shoulders. This means I have a tendency to hit the back of my arms on the sides of the log. Practice keeping…… Continue reading Janathon 2020: Day 13

Janathon 2020 – Days 10 – 12

I know, I know I am supposed to be blogging every day… well… I missed a couple of posts. I didn’t miss the exercise though so here it is, in one go 😁 Day 10 – Friday Friday I had a play with my lovely lovely new log. Strongman log I mean, not a random…… Continue reading Janathon 2020 – Days 10 – 12

Janathon 2020 – Day 8

Today started very early!! First 0530 start of the new year… that was a shock!! But I made it to the gym before work and managed to get a new PB on the overhead axel press 31kg 😁😁 not huge but best ever for me!! You know what a new PB means by now… Happy…… Continue reading Janathon 2020 – Day 8