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Tag: London

Why I March

I marched. I marched for equality. I marched to prove that one man does not speak for all. I marched to show the world that those who can stand up […]

My Bouncy Adventure…

It occurs to me that over two months has passed by and I have not yet told you about my experiences in london with great big springs on my feet. […]

When Imaginary Friends become Real!

No…not the imaginary friend I had when I was a child…that would be wierd! Especially when you consider that my childhood imaginary friend was only about 10cm high so she […]

Janathon day 10: done

First there was yoga… Yes more yoga, this is unusual for me but I am really trying to get my head around it and incorporate more info my routine. I […]

Run or Dye…

On Saturday, I ran the Run or Dye 5km race in London. It was quite good fun and looked like this… it was a good run, as you may have […]

Days 329 – 331: What a Weekend!

This weekend was one of fear and excitement and fun and being holed up in a basement learning things… But I’ll come to that! Firstly Friday Day 329: Friday was […]

Day 120 & 121 Yoga in cow pyjamas

Good Morning 🙂 It has been something of a busy weekend, there have been new experiences and science and Ballet and lots of walking and of course Pilates. (I didn’t […]

Day 49: Supplementary walking

Good morning 🙂 I am catching up with my write-ups form over the weekend, this is a supplement to the one I already wrote on Friday, I decided that there […]