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Tag: MMA

Day 65: Personal Training…on a Sunday!

Good evening 🙂 Yesterday (as you might be able to tell…) was Sunday, and I for some reason, organised a Personal training session, at 9 am. Sounds enthusiastic…well yes it […]

Day 46: Can I kick it?

Yes I can 🙂 sorry about the cheesy  90s music reference, I just couldn’t resist it! For those of you that are not aware of the music to which I […]

Day 39: wakefulness through exercise

Good evening 🙂 I started today very tired, my early morning attempts to drag myself out of bed to go for a run started promisingly but soon after that went […]

Day 35: Early morning PT wake up

Good evening 🙂 due to a combination of yesterdays lack of motivation, and Tuesday’s postponement of my pt session, I decided to have a pt session early this morning to […]