100kg for reps…

Do you remember the time I knew a girl from mars? I don’t know if you knew that… No hang on not that, that’s just my brain filling in the start of a sentence with song lyrics. It does that, I can’t stop it. Do you remember the times I got a 100kg deadlift PB,…… Continue reading 100kg for reps…


I think I’ve talked about motivation before, I have talked about how it used to be dancing and how I have been searching for a new motivation since I stopped doing that. I am pretty sure a lot of motivation is coming from me and my general desire to be stronger, and fitter and how…… Continue reading Motivation!

Find your why!

Originally posted on Project Warrior Goddess:
This isn’t a Janathon exercise update because I thought I’d tell you some things I have been thinking about…they are relevant and interesting things I promise… not just musings about why dragons have such a bad reputation or why I only like the idea of a dog… After all…

21 Days of extreme goddessing: The results!

This is not a janathon post…this is not even really a January post, this is a post from the end of December which I have only just realised that i forget to finish writing let alone actually post… I blame xmas! In my last an earlier post I told you all about the latest thing I…… Continue reading 21 Days of extreme goddessing: The results!

1st Step Towards New Focus: The Reasons I am Running

As I have mentioned before, I have agreed to run Reading Half Marathon. As I have also mentioned before, I do not a believe I am a natural runner, nor am I anywhere near my ideal weight for running. I have been faffing around, training, then not training for a week or so then doing a…… Continue reading 1st Step Towards New Focus: The Reasons I am Running

Something amazing happened…

and it is mostly in my head! Following in the footsteps of Nancy from myyearofsweat (yes I do that a lot…she inspires me often!) I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about my own interpretation of other people’s actions, and I have to admit there is an outside chance that some of the things I…… Continue reading Something amazing happened…

Day 89 (part 2) Sticking like a man

Good morning The second phase of yesterday’s activity was of course dancing! It was Wednesday, so whatever else happens, there is always dancing 🙂 this is what makes Wednesdays so good! Yesterday’s practice was no exception, lots of dances (11 or 12) with some walk throughs for our new contingent. lots of excellent fun and…… Continue reading Day 89 (part 2) Sticking like a man

Day 26: fitbit and clashing sticks

Good evening 🙂 It is Wednesday, this can only mean one thing…it is wicked wacky stick Wednesday! for the uninitiated this means Mythago morris dancing practice. This means it is not difficult at all to motivated myself to be as active as possible 🙂 it was a warm evening though and I chose the wrong…… Continue reading Day 26: fitbit and clashing sticks

Days 22 & 23: Hotter than strictly necessary

Good day people Firstly I apologise for 2 things, 1) the lateness of this post and b) the combined post for says 22 and 23. This is because days 22 and 23 were a Saturday and a Sunday which I spent having a lot of fun at a medieval festival, the one drawback was the complete…… Continue reading Days 22 & 23: Hotter than strictly necessary

Day 18: Most excellent personal training

Good evening 🙂 and Happy Tuesday Today has been a very hot day, stupidly hot in my office, but less hot in my car due to an unexpected electric window malfunction. I only hope it stays warm as I now can’t put my window up at all…Anyway, I digress… Due to the considerable heat of…… Continue reading Day 18: Most excellent personal training