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I think I’ve talked about motivation before, I have talked about how it used to be dancing and how I have been searching for a new motivation since I stopped […]

Find your why!

Originally posted on Project Warrior Goddess:
This isn’t a Janathon exercise update because I thought I’d tell you some things I have been thinking about…they are relevant and interesting things…

Something amazing happened…

and it is mostly in my head! Following in the footsteps of Nancy from myyearofsweat (yes I do that a lot…she inspires me often!) I have been doing a lot of thinking […]

Day 89 (part 2) Sticking like a man

Good morning The second phase of yesterday’s activity was of course dancing! It was Wednesday, so whatever else happens, there is always dancing 🙂 this is what makes Wednesdays so […]

Day 26: fitbit and clashing sticks

Good evening 🙂 It is Wednesday, this can only mean one thing…it is wicked wacky stick Wednesday! for the uninitiated this means Mythago morris dancing practice. This means it is […]