Janathon day 2: yoga hurts!!

Today I walked some walking, I danced some dancing and I yogaed some yoga… and the general gist of it all was things made my ankle and my big toe hurt and I got a blister… All my own fault mind you… walking around all day, including a lunchtime walk, in new, un-broken-in new rock…… Continue reading Janathon day 2: yoga hurts!!

Day 277: There are days when a walk has to do

For the second time in this project, I decided that a 45 min walk would have to count for my activity for the day. After a hectic past couple of weeks, I needed a breakette. So a walk was what I needed. I went out at lunchtime, and ended up going for a full 45…… Continue reading Day 277: There are days when a walk has to do

Day 100: Dancing in a brewery

This was what Sunday’s activity was all about: this is the first dance out we have had in a while, and it was great fun 😀 One of our local breweries Darkstar brewery was holding a hopfest, and way back in the mists of time (about May) they asked us to perform for them… last…… Continue reading Day 100: Dancing in a brewery

Day 33: Rhapsody in Orange

Good evening 🙂 Guess what today’s activity was…welll yes…it was dancing…it is Wednesday…it is in fact Wicked Wacky Stick Wednesday 🙂 However today was a Morris practice with a difference, we spent this evening entertaining the general public I the quiet village of Maplehurst at the White Horse pub. Small quite village it might be…… Continue reading Day 33: Rhapsody in Orange