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Tag: new things

My Bouncy Adventure…

It occurs to me that over two months has passed by and I have not yet told you about my experiences in london with great big springs on my feet. […]

Another new thing for August…

I have, as you know, been looking around for new challenges, and I have to confess to floundering about a bit looking for one that keeps my interest… there is […]

Day 54: Dancing myself dizzy

Good morning 🙂 Well yesterday was Wednesday, the ubiquitous Wicked Wacky Stick Wednesday 😀 If you have read this blog for more than a week, you know what you are […]

Day 41:The Zumba question

Good evening 🙂 The question in question is do I really like zumba or not? Thursdays are rapidly becoming “pick a random class out of a hat and try it” […]