A thoroughly nice chap

Originally posted on The Otter Chronicles:
I have been having some fantastic chats this week with that temporal research fellow, Brian Russetcoat. Fantastic, and more than a little confusing, but he said some extremely interesting words, long ones too. He has a lot of opinions that one, and he does have a tendency to look…

Comedy? Me? Really?

Well apparently yes…apparently I can do comedy. Who knew?? Yes I know I am breaking my new schedule the day after it started but I am excited and I want to tell you things!! About a month ago, I entered a writing competition. It was brought to my attention by the lovely Lucy from Secret…… Continue reading Comedy? Me? Really?

A(nother) new venture and a new schedule

Good morning people of the world! yes I am being optimistic about my blog reach…why not! First the new venture… I have decided to try my h and at writing fiction 🙂 I have chosen the Otters of time to be the subjects of this fiction, they are adventurous scamps so should get up to…… Continue reading A(nother) new venture and a new schedule

Found poetry pt 2: the otter saga

Or the day my phone turned into a needy surrealist and developed an obsession with otters! In case the title of the post didn’t give it away, I have been experimentinf further with this predictive text found poetry idea. I have had some quite interesting results. There are quite a lot that don’t work, you…… Continue reading Found poetry pt 2: the otter saga