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Tag: personal trainer

Another New Paddington Day

woohoo New PB 😀 And…not a deadlift one this time!! My deadlifts have pleataeued, which is annoying but not surprising considering the amount of lower body injuries I gained at […]

Janathon day 19

So…it is Tuesday, and it is still personal training day 😀 It is still dark when I arrive at the gym, although I (like to) think that jabs getting lighter! […]

Well, who’d have thought it…

On Monday 8th July 2013 I cried in a circuit training class because I felt out of place and like I was kidding myself that I would every be fit, or […]

I did it!

I may have just ever so slightly passed my Level 3 Personal Training Assessment this weekend 😀 By ever so slightly I mean completely! So that is it, I can now […]

New Focus!

Well…not a new focus as much as renewed focus on the things I was losing focus on… like my mission to become a superhero. and my preparation for the time […]