Reboot day 66: One New Paddington

110kg Rack pull!! 110kg Rack pull!! That is 110kg…in case you didn’t get it the first time. 110kg is 243lbs in case you are unfamiliar with the metric system… This is a rack pull…it is like a deadlift but only the top half… When I did it I set the bar up so it was…… Continue reading Reboot day 66: One New Paddington

Another New Paddington Day!!

I totally wasn’t expecting to write another one of these so soon… but… woohoo another deadlift PB!!! That’s right, this morning’s personal training session I lifted 100kg…twice!! yes 100kg that is 220lbs or 15stone 10lbs which is more than most of the people I know! 😀 I danced in the gym again 😀 different gym…… Continue reading Another New Paddington Day!!

New Paddington day!!

Ok…I was totally going to be subtle and tell you about Sunday in order and leave the exciting PB news until the end… But I am excited so I am not waiting! I increased my deadlift PB yesterday 🙂 it now stands at 95 kg (or 209 lbs for the non metric among you! )…… Continue reading New Paddington day!!